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So, you’re looking for insurance to cover your real estate portfolio, huh? Your brother-in-law says he can get you a real deal. After all, he does sell insurance on the side and moonlights in securities.

Your relative may be a really nice guy and he probably has good intentions, but chances are he’s in way over his head. In fact, he probably doesn’t know what he doesn’t know and that can mean trouble for you!

Ross Diversified Insurance Services knows all the facts, options, and ins and outs of property insurance. They have over 25 years of experience in the trenches, ask the right questions, maintain the all-important insurance carrier contacts, and provide the proper coverage at the best possible rates.

You’re brother-in-law probably won’t be much help if you have a claim, if your portfolio changes, if your policy lapses, if new laws are enacted or at any other time that you need a professional looking out for you.

Protecting your real estate portfolio is a full-time proposition at Ross.

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