Force-Ordered Insurance on non-performing notes. Also known as Lender-Placed or Creditor-placed.

Force-Ordered or Lender-Placed Insurance

Non-Performing Loans are a class of real estate that requires a unique understanding of the market and investor motivations. Investors purchase and view this asset class very differently from most other real estate investments.

Simply put insurance is an expense against returns

Ross Diversified offers a variety of insurance options so that lenders may choose coverage based on their own methodology and pricing concerns.

What sets us apart:

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Flexible Coverage Amounts
  • Optional Coverages so lenders may pick and choose what best suits their needs
  • Various Deductibles that impact pricing
  • Liability Coverage Option
  • CFPB compliance option if insurance advancements are to be added back to the loan

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We provide competitive and comprehensive Force-Order Insurance. We also offer optional Force-Order Flood insurance coupled with unrivaled customer service and quick response times.