Rehabs and Fix & Flips Insurance Coverage. Builder's Risk Coverage.

Rehab and Fix & Flip Property Insurance

Ross Diversified Insurance Services offers insurance coverage for Single Family Rentals and Multi-Family (1-4 Units) Rehabs and Fix & Flip properties through multiple markets. Our independence means we are not tied to the confines of any one particular program. Our knowledge and experience of your business means your priorities are our priorities. Competitive Rates, Comprehensive Coverage, Easy Administration and Hands On Claims Assistance are why we have withstood the test of time. When you communicate with Ross, you will be communicating with a team that understands your business.

What sets us apart:

  • Multiple Markets
  • Builder's Risk Endorsements
  • Individual policy programs
  • Group blanket programs when an individual policy program is not available or does not meet your needs
  • Customization of insurance that includes:

                 a) National Replacement Cost Coverage or Actual Cash Value

                 b) Competitive rates shopped with multiple markets

                 c) Liability Coverage of up to $1 Million

                 d) Option for 6 Month or Annual Terms

                 e) Common sense insurance coverage amount

                 f) Insurance that meets lender requirements

                 g) Counsel our clients when requested so that you can make informed decisions

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We provide rental property insurance for Rehabs and Fix & Flips for Single Family Rentals, Multi-Family Rentals (1-4 Units) and Condos. Click below for a quick and easy quote.